Friday, January 24, 2014

If I See One More...

...graphic that tries to imply correlation between using a tech tool and Bloom's Taxonomy, I might just...

...ok, so in reality, I won't do much. Although, I will certainly *facepalm* myself again, as I have so many times before, when I've come across such images on blogs and through my Twitter feed.

Hear me out. I know intentions are good when these frameworks are created. I am an unwavering advocate of the innovation and transformation that can take place with the purposeful use of technology. I know and have seen the highest levels of Bloom's met time and time again because technology has enhanced the level of higher order thinking amongst every single student in a classroom. Like here, for example. And here.

That said, I cannot support the suggestion (well meaning as it may be), that a tool and a level of Blooms likely go hand in hand. I know what you're thinking -- but we always present them with the caveat that "any tool can be used at any level." C'mon. We negate our asterisk statement the moment we simplify the complex and prodigious process that is learning by wrapping it up so neatly and tying it with a bow.

Let's not be afraid to say what we all know: Teaching is difficult. Reaching the highest level of Bloom's Taxonomy takes thoughtful and skilled design. We will not trivialize the challenging and inspiring work that we all agreed to do.

Rant complete.


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