Tuesday, April 22, 2014

23 Mobile Things: 19. Hobbies

Have you all seen that show 19 Kids and Counting? Whoa.

I mean, that's really all I have to say about that.

Thing 19 of 23 Mobile Things is all about hobbies. While having kids may not be a hobby of mine, there's no doubt that nearly any hobby has an app to support it. 

Knowing there are thousands of apps that could fit into this category, this Thing went ahead and chose a few random apps to focus on that support a wide range of interests. Let it be highlighted that two just happen to focus on wine as a hobby. I didn't mind. 

That said, none of the apps really piqued my interest other than Spotify, which I use all the time already. For that reason, I brainstormed 5 random hobbies of mine, and attempted to seek out a few miscellaneous apps that support them. 

Hobby 1: Coupons - I'm such a nerd about coupons, but it's amazing how long I've put off signing up for all the fun coupon-y and save-y apps. I finally caved and downloaded Shopkick. May the annoying push notifications and points obsession take over my life. 

Hobby 2: Roller Derby - Turns out apps related to Roller Derby are either timers for our illustrious refs (like this one) or games (like this one). Not much out there to support derby players themselves or derby as a hobby. 

Hobby 3: College Hockey - It's a weird time to be downloading college hockey apps seeing as my beloved Gophers just rounded out their season (in a slightly disappointing way). That said, that Fargo game during the Frozen Four made it all worth it. Anyhow, I'll be primed and ready for next season after having come across the College Hockey News app. 

Hobby 4: Organic, Sustainable Foods - I found 2 apps that I'm super excited about. It's just about CSA season, so I downloaded Riverford Veg Recipes. It works by having you enter 2 or 3 vegetables you have on hand, then generates recipes to match the combination. Super handy when you get odd veggies or an unexpected abundance of something in your Summer CSA. With summer also comes Farmer's Market time! Yippee! For that, I happened across Eat Local. It will help you learn what’s in season anywhere in the US and available at local farmers’ markets. Complete with directions by car, bike, foot, or public transportation. I'm hungry.

Hobby 5: Local Fun - I love to travel. I mean, I know people say that a lot, but seriously. I love to travel. When I do, I'm not super keen on the tourist destinations, but instead love to find local hotspots that give you a feel for the city. I didn't quite find what I was looking for, but I did find something awfully handy for international travel. In my searches, I came across the World Customs app, which gives you access to customs and traditions for 165 countries. I can think of many times in my travels when having a quick heads up on local greetings, gestures, and taboos would have come in very handy. 

Hobbies, hobbies, hobbies. Oh how fun they are.

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