Sunday, June 29, 2014

What Can I Say...It's Summer...

...and I live on routines. 

When those routines become disrupted, or rather adjusted, new routines take their place. And what can I say? My most recent routines just haven't really included writing. Apologies. My blog is, well, pretty lame at the moment.

That said, I've been spending most of my time professionally doing all kinds of consuming and far less creating. I've been doing an awful lot of reading, which in turn has led to an awful lot of thinking. I'm sure at some point, that will translate into an awful lot of writing.

In the mean time, don't hold your breath. Enjoy the sun, and look for more consistent writing in the near-ish future.

C'mon now...I've got to finish my 23 Mobile Things at the very least. I mean, who stops at number 20? Not cool. 

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