Tuesday, February 25, 2014

23 Mobile Things: 10. Sharing Photos

I was 7 when Ten was released. I'm currently 29 as Thing 10 is reached. Coincidence?


Yes, absolutely. But I appreciate you ruminating on that for just a minute -- attempting to find a nonexistent correlation between those two things.

Anyhow, on to the big show.

Thing 10 of 23 Mobile Things is all about sharing photos using our mobile devices. For me, how can I make sure everyone in the world is completely aware of my obsession with my cat? This stuff is critical, ya'll!

Thing 10 suggests two mobile apps:

1) Instagram
2) Snapchat

I actively use both.

My Instragram feed is so stereotypical, its almost made up.

It's basically a lot of cat pictures, 

pictures of food, 

and the occasional friend adventure...

...with a filter overlay that makes me look cooler than I am. 

The one outlier might be a roller derby picture here or there,

but I suppose my derby career is a story for another time.

My Snapchat activity largely consists of sending and receiving group 'snaps' amongst a select group of friends, all attempting to out-irony ourselves with ridiculous photos.

Alright, so not exactly the stuff of deep learning or thoughtful introspection. Nevertheless, I love it. I admit it. I love it.

Sharing photos is oodles of fun. Getting glimpses into my friends' and loved ones' lives is awfully pleasing, and no, I don't get too annoyed seeing endless pictures of your baby, or your dog, or your vacation that I wish I was taking. In fact, I find it all to be downright pleasing.

I guess I don't have much of substance to say about this post other than I've embraced mobile sharing of photos. So yeah, that's it.

I guess I'll just leave it at that.

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