Tuesday, October 14, 2014

23 Mobile Things: 21. Free-for-all

So, I'm not completely flaky.

After taking an extended 'break,' I'm returning to actually complete the 23 Mobile Things challenge! Let's chalk up my timeline to this thing called 'summer' and the old adage that slow and steady wins the race. Yeah...that's it.

Alright, so it turns out Thing 23 is a free-for-all. The description says I'm supposed to share about an app I love.

Whilst my relationships with apps tend to be more at the "hey, let's just be friends" kind of level, there are a handful of apps I just might qualify with love. While our romance is nearly entirely one sided (yes, I'm getting the most out of this relationship), the wonderful thing is that my apps never complain. They never feel neglected, worthless, or complain when I forget their birthday. I must not be such a bad partner after all.

So app, that I love...who are you?

I suppose the app I currently love the most would be GateGuru. I'm just coming off a summer and early fall full of travel, and GateGuru turned out to be a companion worth keeping. Time at the airport can actually be pretty great if you do a little research, and GateGuru does all the heavy lifting. You can find out specific amenities by gate, ratings on the available restaurants, detailed maps to make sure you find where you're going, and it also keeps track of your flights. My favorite part, however, has the be the "tips" tab. Users can post tips such as what to order at certain restaurants, which bathrooms are the cleanest or least busy, and which stands to go to so you don't end up spending $10 on a candy bar. All around handy stuff for the frequent flyer.

So there you have it...a love story for the 21st Century. GateGuru + Elizeducation = <3

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