Thursday, February 6, 2014

23 Mobile Things: 4. Keeping Up

1 2 3 4, Tell me that you'll teach me more...

Apologies if I just put that song into you head. I had a hard time resisting.

So, we're on to Thing 4 of 23 Things, and this one is all about keeping up. The article explains RSS feeds and apps one could use to compile a feed such as Zite or Flipboard. Truthfully, the only thing I really learned from Thing 4 was that RSS stands "Really Simple Syndicate."

That said, it doesn't mean there wasn't value in this particular Thing. While I may already use an RSS feed, I think the importance in this post is really about continuous learning. I love RSS feeds because it gives me a little organization in the otherwise chaotic world of information and opinion about my profession. There are countless articles and sources for continuous exploration in education. One needs a way to filter.

Keep on readin' on.

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