Thursday, February 20, 2014

23 Mobile Things: 9. Taking & Editing Photos

Getting dressed "to the 9's" is an idiom for being all fancy like. These guys know what's up:

In honor of all this fanciness, let's go on to Thing 9 of 23 Mobile Things, which I have no doubt will be equally dapper.

Today we explore taking and editing photos on our mobile devices. Yay! This is something I (and I presume many) use their mobile devices for all the time. Remember the days of carrying around a digital camera? I've got like 3 in a drawer somewhere right about now.

So yeah...taking photos with my iPhone is wonderful. The quality is good (enough), the convenience is fabulous, and there are a world of apps to make my mediocre photography skills appear far better than they actually are.

Let's start with my most used: I'm an Instagram-er -- have been for years. Something about those filters can take ugly to significantly less ugly. It's also perfect for catching my jerk cat red handed (pawed?):

I'm also a big fan of VSCO Cam, which is geared toward those who appreciate a streamlined/minimalist/zen aesthetic -- inspired by the Nordic influences that are everywhere in clothes and furnishing these days. Just look! (pun intended):

Lastly, Cycloramic is definitely my go-to panoramic app. It's pretty much fool proof. I was lucky enough to download it when it was free, but it looks like it's up to $1.99 these days. Might still be worth it. Check out the quick shot I just did of our school's locker bay:

What does Thing 9 have to say? They actually shared several photography apps I've never used before: LINE Camera, Photo Editor by Aviary, Color Splurge, and CamMe. I took a peek -- Color Splurge and Photo Editor might have some potential for my use. My first attempt at Color Splurge is was fun (though you'll have to excuse my ridiculous subject matter):

So there you have it. Camera fun for everyone. Hit me with your best (snap) shot or camera apps!

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